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About our Crown Green Bowls, Lawn Bowls and Bowls Renovations.

At Premier Bowls we have been around for more than four decades. We have a long experience of renovating bowls, and understand the best techniques to get your bowls performing like they used to. There are a range of factors which may be impacting on your bowls, and the best course of action is to send your bowls to us for inspection.

Our proficient craftsmen are well known for their high-quality workmanship and will quickly have your bowls looking new again, whether that be with a new mount, correcting bias or through rebuffing and lacquering your bowls.

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Renovations Price List   As of November 2023

If you need any help with or looking to renovate your bowls, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Crown Green Bowls

Repolish Lignum Vitae (incl. Testing and/or Adjusting)
£55.00 per pair

Repolish Composition (incl. Testing and/or Adjusting) See Note 1
£55.00 per pair

Rebuff Composition (incl. Testing and/or Adjusting)
£35.00 per pair

Complete Remodel (See Note 2)
£95.00 per pair

Deluxe Grip on Bowls (See Note 3)
£25.00 per pair

Double Deluxe Grip on Bowls (See Note 3)
£30.00 per pair

Supply and Fit New Mounts (a large selection of colours including white, red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black & green)
£8.50 per mount

Clean and Rebuff Existing Mounts
£5.00 per mount

Decorative Boarder on New Mounts
£5.00 per mount

Repolish Bowls with Coloured Lacquer (incl. Testing and/or adjusting)
See Note 4
£55.00 per pair

Multi-coloured Lacquer
£60.00 per pair

Chip repair and touch up from (See Note 6)
£10.00 per bowl



Test and Stamp
£8.50 each

Test / Stamp and a complete rebuff

£17.00 each



Complete Remodel - Lignum Vitae Jack
£95.00 each

Supply and Fit New Mounts
£8.50 each

Supply and Fit New Pips
£8.50 each

Repolish with Coloured Lacquer (See Notes 4 & 5)
£27.50 each

Mulit-coloured Lacquer
£30.00 each


Flat Green / Short Mat Bowls

Alter Bias 
£25.00 per pair

Compete Rebuff
£35.00 per pair

Repolish (incl. Adjusting if Required) See Note 1
£55.00 per pair

Repolish With Coloured Lacquer (incl. Adjusting if Required) See Note 4
£55.00 per pair



Removing Old Initials/Letters from existing Mounts
£5.00 per mount

Engraving Any Number of Initials/ Letters
£5.00 per mount

Re Colour Rings
£5.00 per side


New And Reconditioned Bowls and Jacks

New Lignum Vitae Bowls

 - Premier Deluxe Supreme 
   £250.00 per pair

 - Premier Deluxe Superior 
   £200.00 per pair

 - Premier Super 
    £175.00 per pair

Reconditioned Lignum Vitae Bowls From
£85.00 per pair

Reconditioned Composition Bowls From
£85.00 each

New Lignum Vitae Jack

- Premier Deluxe
  £150.00 each

New Composition Jacks From
£50.00 each

Reconditioned Jacks From
£35.00 each





1.  Repolish Composition -

This process gives a better grip, feel and appearance to composition bowls. Our specially formulated lacquer is guaranteed not to flake or peel.

2.  Complete Remodel -

This includes reducing in size, new mounts, rebiasing, plain grip rings and repolishing

3.  Deluxe Grip -

This pattern is the same as the original Thomas Taylor deluxe grip pattern

4.  Coloured Lacquer - 

Due to the advancement of our paint technology, we can successfully apply coloured lacquer to bowls (available in a wide range of colours)

5.  Coloured Jacks -

We can personalise your individual  jacks (available in a wide range of colours)

6.  Refurbish -

To fill any chips on the bowl and to restore the bowls back to their original  feel 



Although utmost care will be taken, repairs are taken out entirely at the customers risk. No liability can be accepted by us for goods lost or damaged in transit or in our possession.

Prices can be subject to alteration without notice.